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Are you an exporter in the UK transporting goods to countries within the EU?
Martintrux can issue T1 Transit Documents quickly and efficiently for collection at our offices in Dover and Heathrow or at any Inland Border Facility.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a T1 (Transit Document) to export goods to the EU?

Yes, if you are leaving the UK and are entering the EU through any costal port then you’ll need a T1 (Transit Document) to clear customs.

How can I obtain and use a T1 (Transit Document) ?

To issue a T1 Transit Document we will need the following;

  • Credit Application form/Credit check to be completed.
  • An Indemnity letter to be signed and returned.
  • For more information or to apply for a T1 Transit Document, please call Martintrux on 01304 759200. Alternative you can make an enquiry using our contact us form or through our live chat facility on our website.

Once your details have been approved a T1 Transit Document will be issued. We will email the LRN number to you, before crossing the border the driver/haulier will be required to go to any Inland Border Facility and quote the LRN to collect the original T1 Transit Document.

How quickly can a T1 (Transit Document) be raised?

With all the correct documentation submitted and approved, a T1 Transit Document is usually raised between 45-90 minutes. T&C’s apply.

Why is a T1 required?

A T1 document allows the movement of freight from the UK into the EU without having to pay import charges when crossing borders, until you reach your final destination where the T1 will be discharged.

T1 Key Information.

  • Collect your T1 from any designated Inland Border Facility.
  • T1 shipments from the UK into the EU are guaranteed from place of origin to place of delivery.
  • Martinrux provide EAD export entries and customs agency service from all UK HMRC designated ports.
  • No additional fees from third parties.

If you would like further assistance, need help with a T1 Transit Document or need to talk to a customs clearance specialist, please call our customs clearance team on 01304 759200 or contact us.

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