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Listening carefully to what our customers tell us, we have designed a one-stop logistics service around your needs, not ours.
This means we do more than move your freight quickly and securely. We eliminate the unnecessary, simplify the complex and make sure we always deliver for you – no matter how challenging the situation.


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Director, Martintrux Group Limited
Our objective is to produce and submit import and export customs declarations accurately and efficiently, prepared in advance, to a standard which prompts release of consignments through controls in minimum times following presentation, leaving no room for subsequent challenge from any Authority.
Martintrux has experience of traffic to and from every continent, for a vast range of commodities, with knowledge of presenting a diverse range of goods and circumstances to HM Revenue and Customs.

Our Heritage

Martintrux offers professional Customs Clearance Management for Imports and Exports through all UK Ports, Airports and designated Inland Clearance locations. Monitored 24 hours every day, 363 days a year from our offices is Dover, Heathrow and Manchester we deal with simple declarations to the most complicated regimes.
Customs Clearance Dover

Dover Office

Martintrux Dover
The Long Room
Lord Warden House
Lord Warden Square
CT17 9EQ

Freight Transporting Services Manchester
Garments and Textiles Transport Heathrow

all UK locations by Air or Sea. Established in 1982, Martintrux has become a specialist Customs Clearance Agent for apparel, able to advise the various customs benefits or disadvantages the Garment and Textile industries should consider when considering offshore / outsourced manufacture or new markets. We provide services directly to selected importers and exporters, mainly in fashion for high street destinations, and other specific industries requiring a high attention to detail for tariff classification and in order to qualify for particular Customs benefits and reliefs, and apply Preferential Duty treatment. We work for companies dealing with volume shipments of the same goods every day, through to helping new Traders with one-off projects requiring weeks of planning, and private imports of personal effects and cars. Martintrux Dover are also contracted to provide customs clearance services for some of the UK’s major forwarders, as well as Russian and Turkish Hauliers, transporting goods through the

Open 24 hours everyday except 1st. January and 25th. December, providing experienced and professional staff to declare non-EU import and export consignments through HMR&C, and deal with any need for the vehicles of international hauliers and their drivers passing through the Port of Dover, or travelling via the Channel Tunnel, usually referred to as Ro/RO, and offer support to all Martintrux operations and traffic arriving or departing across

Port of Dover; who demand minimum delays in order to serve important supply chains. Freight vehicles using the Port of Dover and Channel Tunnel service an ever expanding area; across Europe and Russia and east towards China into Asia, south into Africa, and veering from Turkey into the Middle East – and we are confident almost every class of commodity and Customs Procedure Code has had to be handled by Martintrux. The core members of our team have been together more than 25 years, so our combined experience of customs clearance requirements really is second to none. It is free to ask questions, so why not contact us today and see if we can suggest some advantages and help for your international trades?

Heathrow Office

Martintrux Heathrow
The Griffin Centre
Staines Road
TW14 0HS

Moto Freight
The Griffin Centre
Staines Road
TW14 0HS

Sea Freight Manchester
Exports Manchester

Located within 2 miles of the UK’s busiest airport, Martintrux Heathrow is best placed to reach all corners of the globe. Every shipment matters to us, and with many years of freight forwarding experience, our team of logistics and Customs experts will be able to find the right solution for you. Whether you need your goods moved by air, sea, road or rail there are no false promises or excuses, just the service you expect at a competitive price. Our value added services, from warehousing and packing to complex fulfilment support, demonstrates our commitment to taking care of the detail so you don’t have to. In addition to our portfolio of Air Freight services, we ship thousands of Ocean Freight containers worldwide every year, taking care of the Customs clearances at all UK seaports directly from our Heathrow base.

Manchester Office

Martintrux Manchester
Units 3&4, Building 303
World Freight Terminal
Manchester Airport
M90 5UJ

Located next to Manchester Airport, Martintrux Manchester provides a range of services to support Air and Ocean Freight operations, for Exporters, Importers, and Forwarders. Manchester Airport has exciting plans to extend the facilities, routes and
Imports Heathrow
flights; we are on hand to assist with collections, deliveries, and to push imports and exports through Customs. Our customers enjoying services via Manchester must have the flexibility of using other Airports or Ocean Freight, and we can service these through the Martintrux direct connections to Community Service Providers, and therefore HMR&C, at all UK Airports, Ports and designated controlled locations – for Customs Clearance at AEO standards
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Established 1982

– now with more than 500 years’ combined experience

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